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The Deacon Family Fund

The Deacon Family Fund, was developed by a local Sussex County couple who wanted to provide families who have a child/children with developmental disabilities with the opportunity to receive respite care services through SCARC, Inc. The principle of this endowment will never be invaded, however the interest generated from the Respite Care Endowment Fund will be restricted to families who have an individual(s) with a developmental disability served by SCARC, Inc. and who can not afford to pay for respite care services.

"Respite", according to the definition listed in Webster's Dictionary, means a a period of relief or rest. For most of us this may mean a nap in a hammock or reading a book in the sun on your back porch. However, for our SCARC families who have a child with developmental disabilities the SCARC, Inc. Respite Care Program provides a day or a couple of hours for them that we will never begin to understand or comprehend.

Help Us Give Our Families a Break

Did you ever wonder what life would be like for you and your spouse if you could not go to dinner, see a movie, attend a wedding or joyous celebration or even pay your respects at a funeral of a family member or friend? Or better yet....go grocery shopping, go on vacation, attend your other child's sporting events or simply go for a walk in the park.

Welcome to the world of the families who have a child or children with developmental disabilities. As a parent, raising any child is twenty-four hour a day, 365 day a year job, but raising a child with a developmental disability involves a tremendous amount of hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly planning.

Respite......A True Blessing for One Family

Chase is a 14 year old little boy who has a degenerative illness called Hunter Syndrome, which has taken a significant toll on his quality of life. Chase has spent many days this past year being rushed to the hospital for various medical emergencies, including shunt failure and cranial bleeding. Chase's respite worker will accompany his mother to the hospital or will stay with the other three siblings to allow his parents to be by his side during his medical crisis. SCARC's respite worker has become a part of the family and can be trusted with the special care that Chase needs on a daily basis, as well as the emotional support his other family members need during times of crisis. Chase's mother stated, "The emotional stability our family has received is a true blessing."


If you would like to make a contribution of cash, securities, life insurance, life income gifts, or real estate to this fund "In Memory of" or "In Honor of" a family member, loved one or friend, please contact the  Chris Hemmer, Chief Development Officer of the SCARC Foundation, at 973-383-7442 x260 or foundation@scarc.org.

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