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The SCARC Foundation Board of Trustees is committed to raising funds for SCARC, Inc. and SCARC Guardianship Services, Inc.  The SCARC Foundation's Fiscal Year commences July 1 and ends June 30.  All Trustees of the Foundation serve without salary or other compensation.  The Board of Trustees meets five times a year. 


Chairperson: Angelo Bolcato, Esq
Vice Chairperson: Gary Larson
Treasurer: Kerry Guthrie
Secretary: Heidi Weber

Past Chair: Don Hall


Tyler Adkins

Ted Brennan

Lorelei Castellani

Jon Connolly

Raymond Cordts

Karen Creamer

Mike Dolan

Kim Eid

Debrorah Johnson

Colleen Keever

John Kurlander

Jamie LaCouture

Richard Lecher, Ph.D.

Dr. Jack Legon

Jennifer Lynch

Megan MacMullin, Esq.

Harold MacMurren, Esq.

Linda McConville

Mike Mendiburu

Joseph Moretti

Phil Motyka

Karen Newburgh

Robert B. Nicholson III

Sean O'Rourke

Claudia Raffay 



James Drew
Emil Sorensen, Jr.
Susan Romano
Douglas White


The Foundation Board of Trustees has delegated supervisory authority over its financial affairs to the Foundation's Investment and Finance Committee.  The Investment and Finance Committee is responsible for regularly reporting on investments to the full Board.  All transactions and planning shall be viewed in light of the Prudent Investor Act principles.

The primary investment objective of the SCARC Foundation is to preserve and protect its assets, by selecting investments for each fund (Operating Reserves and Endowment Fund) appropriate to each fund's time horizon, liquidity needs, and risk tolerance.  Total return, as opposed to current income, is identified as the primary investment objective.

The Board of Trustees and the Finance Committee recognize the legal and moral contract it has with its donors, especially with respect to permanently restricted endowment gifts.  Accordingly, the Investment and Finance Committee shall only adopt investment policies that ensure donor stipulations are strictly adhered to and that protect corpus, in accordance with state law.


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